Why It’s Different

Allevare Is Known as The Inversion Method In A Bottle.

Allevare Was Developed to Deliver Vital Nutrients to the Scalp While Stimulating the Follicle to Increase the Rate of Hair Growth.

No Other Vitamin on the Market Delivers the Unique Combination of 27 Vitamins and Herbs. The Unique Blend Offers Herbal Circulation Complex That Stimulates Nutrients to the Scalp.

Follicle Stimulation Is Implicated in Hair Growth. Top Hair Bloggers Have Been Doing the Inversion Method for Years to Get Their Hair to Grow at a Faster Rate. Inversion Method Is a Method in Which an Individual Bends over to Allow Blood to Flow to the Scalp Thus Increasing the Rate of Hair Growth. Allevare with Its Unique Blend of Vitamins Delivers Circulation to the Scalp Which Is Why It Is Known as the Inversion Method in a Bottle.

Proper Circulation in Your Body Will Help Nutrients Flow to the Scalp Follicle Thus Hair Will Flourish from Within.
Studies Have Shown That Better Circulation to the Scalp Can Help Your Hair Grow at a Much Faster Rate Sometimes Three (3x) times Faster than with No Scalp Stimulation at All.

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